Quality Assurance


Living Alternatives for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc. (L.A.D.D., Inc.) is accredited by CARF, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF is an internationally recognized, not-for-profit accrediting organization. CARF promotes equality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through an accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons supported. L.A.D.D, Inc. received a 3 year accreditation during 2016 for a 6th consecutive survey since being CARF Accredited in 1998.

L.A.D.D., Inc. maintains a robust Continuous Quality Improvement system based data collection, analysis and thoughtful development on ongoing measures used to guide the company’s Strategic Plan and focus.


Strategic Planning is part of the Continuous Quality Improvement process
for L.A.D.D., Inc. The Steering Committee, Board of Directors and Quality
Assurance Department revise the plan according to the ever changing
environment in which we provide services. The Strategic Plan is reviewed
each month during the Steering Committee Meeting to ensure we are
achieving progress towards the goals that have been set. Goals are
determined through analysis of Satisfaction Survey results, Committee Meetings,
regulatory inspections, Family Staff Meetings, Person Centered Planning,
Quality Assurance data collections, and Risk Management.
The 2018 Strategic Plan is available to view by clicking here


L.A.D.D., Inc. has an extensive Quality Improvement Plan that is
monitored on a monthly basis by the QA Department and the
Steering Committee. Some of the following items are tracked through
the QI Plan: staff training, Adult Foster Care (AFC) agreements, SIP Leases,
revised and deleted forms, Incident Reports, Recipient Rights Complaints,
PCP dates, Safety and Quality Assurance committees, Person Centered
Planning Surveys, Community Access, Residential Person Centered planning
goals, CLS person centered planning goals, Guardian, Family, and friend
contact, Health and Safety Skill Training, and staff turnover rates to name a
few. The QI Plan guides the Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Management
and Professional Care Technicians in providing services with high quality standards.
The QI Plan is available in each program and at the Regional and Corporate Offices.
The 2018 Quality Improvement Plan is available to view by clicking here


L.A.D.D., Inc. is committed to establishing multicultural principles and practices
throughout our organizational systems as we work towards the critical goal of
developing a culturally competent service system. The purpose of the L.A.D.D, Inc.
Cultural and Linguistic Competency Plan is to reduce disparities and increase access
to care and employment by identifying how we assess and execute the provision of
quality, culturally competent services.

The Cultural Competency and Diversity Report and 2017/2018  Plan
is available to view by clicking here 


Program Reviews are completed to increase the awareness of the activities
that occur in the program before, during, and after regular business hours,
and to insure high quality services. All shifts and program types are
observed using a Program Review, including CLS, CLS Residential, Residential,
and SIH. Program Review goals are monitored as part of the Quality
Improvement Plan.


L.A.D.D., Inc. is committed to ensuring that the people for whom
we provide support services are given the opportunity to be involved
in activities in the community. Employees are encouraged to find
recreational opportunities in the community and in the program.
It’s important to provide opportunities to teach socialization skills
and other life skills needed to live in the community such as crossing
the street, using the “men’s” or “women’s” bathroom, etc. Involving
the people served in community activities that are occurring is important
so that they feel apart of their community. L.A.D.D., Inc. is committed
to ensuring that community outings reflect the desires of the people
receiving support services and should be appropriate for both the people
involved and the community setting. Employees are aware that being
sensitive to the environment where the activity will take place in order to be
certain the group size is acceptable is an important part of the
integration process.


A Barrier Removal Plan is completed at every program where
L.A.D.D., Inc. provides support. The following potential barriers
are reviewed: transportation, communication, financial, employment,
attitudinal, health and safety. Barriers that may affect persons
supported, personnel and other stakeholders are evaluated.
On an annual basis an internal review of barriers is completed by the
Area Supervisor for each program. Programs are also reviewed by
external agencies such as the RMHA, Licensing, Fire Marshall and
Insurance Inspectors. Potential barrier reviews also occur during
Monthly Family Staff Trainings. Identified barriers are reported with
facts, location, possible solutions, priority, target completion date,
responsible parties, and completion date to the Quality Assurance
Department for tracking and monitoring. Barrier Reports are reviewed
by the Steering and Emergency Management Committees.


L.A.D.D., Inc. is committed to encouraging guardian and family contact
on a regular basis as well as advocating for Natural and Community Supports
through the Person Centered Planning Process. Guardian, family, and
friend contacts consist of any interaction between the person supported, manager,
family and friends of the person supported. This can be a in home or out of
home contact, a telephone call, a letter or card in the mail just to name a few.
A Natural Support can be a phone conversation, visit, sending or receiving mail
from family or friends, or any assistance or support that is provided by a person
who is not paid to provide the support. L.A.D.D., Inc. staff may be counted as a
Natural Support if the contact occurs out of regular working hours. If you would
like to provide a Natural Support for anyone receiving services from L.A.D.D., Inc.
please contact any office for assistance.


In an effort to continuously improve our services and to ensure that we are
meeting the needs of everyone supported, L.A.D.D., Inc. tracks all Person
Centered Planning Goals for progress as well as the Area Supervisors review
all Person Centered Plans within 60 days of the Person Centered Planning
date. The review is to ensure that coordination of planning and scheduling
occurs between the Responsible Mental Health Agency (RMHA) and L.A.D.D., Inc.
The 60 Day Reviews ensure that pre planning occurred, the plan contains all
necessary signatures and that the person supported and the guardian are satisfied
with the goals. The review also ensures that goals are measurable and personalized,
the issue of Natural Supports is addressed, and that data is being collected on
the goals by the responsible persons. This area of quality assurance is reviewed
by the Area Supervisors, QA Department, and Steering Committee
on a regular basis.

The 2017 Annual Outcome Report is available by clicking here