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L.A.D.D., Inc. provides much needed help for vulnerable people who need additional support to live in their community and access exciting new experiences.  Your contribution makes our communities a stronger more inclusive and positive place to live and celebrate life in.  Your generous donations help us to enrich the lives of the people we serve in many ways, such as:

  • Assist with rent and/or security deposits for affordable, safe, good quality housing.
  • Assist with needed repairs to the person’s home in order to maintain a safe living environment.
  • Assistance with maintaining utilities.
  • Assistance with purchasing items necessary for the safe operation of the person’s home.
  • Assistance with purchasing clothes and other seasonal items for the person such as winter boots and coats.
  • Funding to attend special events like concerts, plays, musicals and holiday parties.
  • Funding to attend zoos, museums, charter buses to go for city tour or visits to places like Navy Pier in Chicago.
  • Funding for specialized training for families and people with disabilities that teach about health, nutrition and safety.

Your donation may qualify as tax deductible.  Please donate today and be a part of “Making the Difference” in someone’s life.


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